Where Did Kevin’s Family Travel to in Home Alone? Shocking Answer Inside!

One of the most memorable scenes in the classic holiday movie “Home Alone” is when Kevin McCallister wakes up to find that his family has left for their Christmas vacation without him. Left behind in Chicago, he becomes the man of the house and has to fend off burglars using inventive booby traps. But while the plot is centered on Kevin’s misadventures, fans of the movie often wonder: where exactly did his family travel to for the holidays?

In “Home Alone,” the McCallister family plans to spend Christmas vacation in Paris, France. The movie doesn’t give many details about their trip, but it’s clear that they are excited to spend the holidays in the City of Light. However, due to a mix-up with the alarm clocks and a power outage, they leave Kevin behind and only realize their mistake once they are in the air.

While some fans have speculated that the McCallisters may have had a more relaxing vacation had they stayed in the US, the trip to Paris catalyzes Kevin’s adventures and eventual reunion with his family. It also showcases the iconic landmarks of Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, and adds to the movie’s overall charm and appeal.

where did kevin’s family travel to in home alone

Home Alone is a classic Christmas movie about Kevin McCallister, an eight-year-old boy who accidentally left behind at home after his family took off for their Christmas vacation. Initially thrilled about having the house to himself, Kevin soon realizes he needs to defend his home from two burglars planning to rob it.

In the movie, Kevin’s family decided to travel to Paris, France, for their Christmas vacation. However, due to a power outage caused by a storm the previous night, they overslept and rushed to the airport to catch their flight without realizing that they left Kevin behind at home.

While the rest of his family enjoys their trip to Paris, Kevin has to fend for himself in his Chicago home. The movie shows how he sets up hilarious traps to keep the burglars away, including heating doorknobs and throwing paint cans down the stairs.

The movie became an instant hit when it was released in 1990, grossing over $476.7 million globally. Its success can be attributed to its heartwarming story, clever humor, and impressive acting performances from Macaulay Culkin, who played Kevin, and Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, who portrayed the burglars.

Home Alone has since become a Christmas classic and tradition for many families. It has spawned several sequels and made Kevin McCallister one of the most iconic movie characters ever.

Where did Kevin’s family travel?

If you’ve ever watched the classic holiday movie Home Alone, you must be familiar with the McCallister family and their chaotic journey. After Kevin was mistakenly left behind when the family rushed to the airport, he must fend for himself against two bumbling burglars. However, before the madness began, the McCallister family embarked on a holiday trip.

So, where did Kevin’s family travel to in Home Alone? The answer is Paris, France! The McCallister family had plans to spend Christmas in Paris, which was the reason for the chaos in the first place. It’s easy to see why they would choose Paris as a holiday destination. Paris is well-known for its charm and beauty, with its iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum.

During their time in Paris, the family stayed at a gorgeous home that is still available to rent on Airbnb today. The house is in the heart of Paris, just a few minutes walk from the Notre Dame Cathedral. It’s a beautiful home with stunning views of the city.

Although the family’s trip was full of unforgettable moments, Kevin’s accidental absence led to an adventure of a lifetime. Nonetheless, as the saying goes, all’s well that ends. The McCallister family was reunited, and they could enjoy the rest of their holiday in Paris together.

In conclusion, Home Alone’s setting in Paris, France, is a beautiful and memorable holiday destination. And even though Kevin’s family trip took an unexpected turn, their time in Paris is still worth envying.

Popular Filming Locations in Home Alone

Many may wonder where the iconic holiday movie “Home Alone” was filmed. Well, wonder no more! We’ve covered you with some of the most popular filming locations from the movie.

  1. The McCallister House is at 671 Lincoln Ave in Winnetka, Illinois. This beautiful home, owned in real life by Cynthia and John Abendshien, was transformed into the McCallister family home for filming. Kevin’s famous booby traps were set up on the property, causing chaos for the Wet Bandits.
  2. O’Hare International Airport – this major airport in Chicago, Illinois, was used for the scenes where the McCallister family departs for their Christmas vacation. Kevin’s famous line, “I made my family disappear,” was filmed in the airport’s concourse.
  3. Paris – although the movie’s Paris scenes were filmed in Chicago, they were portrayed to be in Paris. The Paris airport scene was filmed at O’Hare International Airport, and the famous Notre Dame Cathedral’s interior was set at the New Trier High School.
  4. The Plaza Hotel – located at 750 5th Ave in New York City, New York. This luxurious hotel was the backdrop for the scenes where Kevin lives it up in New York City with Peter McCallister’s stolen credit card in hand.
  5. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center – although the towers are no longer standing, they can be seen in the movie when Kevin takes a taxi to the toy store.

These popular filming locations helped make “Home Alone” the classic holiday movie it is today. Each site added to the movie’s ultimate charm and humor. The movie’s creators thought each location through with remarkable attention to detail, adding to the film’s overall believability.


In conclusion, we have explored the iconic movie “Home Alone” and learned about the destinations that Kevin’s family traveled to for their Christmas vacation. We’ve discussed the various locations featured in the movie, including Paris, France, a goal that was only meant to be a stopover but ended up lasting quite a bit longer.

We’ve also learned about the beautiful and luxurious location of Miami, Florida, where Kevin’s family stayed at the elegant “Parisian” Hotel. Additionally, we’ve explored the fictional McCallister family home in Chicago, Illinois, which served as the setting for the memorable scenes at the beginning and end of the movie.

Overall, this fun and entertaining movie featuring an unforgettable cast of characters has continued to be a beloved holiday favorite for generations. Whether it’s revisiting these iconic locations or just enjoying the antics of Kevin and company, “Home Alone” remains a classic movie that captures the magic and wonder of the holiday season.